AeroTek IT Solutions is a highly rated provider of IT solutions on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  We provide a wide variety of small business and home related services ranging from computer repair, virus removal and data recovery to office setup, networking and enterprise level support.  We look forward to providing you or your business with solutions to your problems no matter how big or small.



From virus removal to screen replacements, we can fix almost any issue that you may run into or anything that you can break.  We won’t judge you.  We’re just glad you called us!  You can even tell your friends that you fixed it yourself!



Whether you are looking for a business website or a blog page to show off your prized stamp collection.  We can take care of you.  We even made this page! Your site will probably even be better than this one.



If you are like everyone else, you thought about doing a backup but never got around to it.  We can help recover lost data.  We can even help you setup backups so that the next time you call us it will be for something else, probably a virus.



You have problems.  Let us provide solutions.  We can work with your business to “make things work” so that you can get to well, your business.  Don’t be in the business of fighting the technology, that’s our business.