Windows Support Scam

The Scam:

An unknown person will call you and pretend to be Windows Support to try to part you from your money.

How it works:

It starts off with a phone call out of nowhere. They tell you that they are from “Windows Support”, something that doesn’t really exist, and that they are getting error messages from your computer.  They will lead you on a tour through the error logs that your computer generates. They can make it appear as if there is something infecting your computer when there really isn’t anything wrong.

What you should do/not do:

  1. Never accept support from anyone that you did not call yourself, no matter how knowledgeable they sound.
  2. Never click links, download or run software when you are unsure of what it is or where it is coming from.
  3. Immediately hang up on these scammers. Microsoft does not provide this type of support to anyone. In fact if you are not already enrolled in some sort of managed IT services, nobody should be calling you ever to tell you your computer is having problems.
  4. Never give anyone your login or password information. If you have a legitimate need to give out this information you should change it to something generic first and after you are done, change it back to something secure.
  5. If you believe you are infected with a virus,give us a call or contact any legitimate and competent technician.

by aerotekit